My BB Cream Pick

A few weeks ago, I posted about BB creams, what they do and how popular they are here in Asia.  In an effort to discover what’s out there, I went to a few places and tried various brands.  Ideally, I was looking for something that didn’t whiten or had a heavy consistency, and essentially this is the sort of texture I found in most BB creams [a grey-ish thick component which definitely altered my skin tone].   I tried Maybelline, Skin79, and a slew of other Asian brands AND most of them had a whitening paste-like  finish, not good for me.

After all the ‘dislikes’ I spotted a new Garnier product BB Eye Roll On, coming in two shades Light and Natural sold at Watsons for $22.90.  I tested both and purchased the Natural shade.  What I liked about this BB cream is a) the ingredients [one of them being caffeine – a sure anti-puffiness agent]  and b) a roll-on ball tube, perfect for massaging my morning puffy eyes.  The results are positive; I didn’t feel a drastic change in my skin colour, it was more moisturizing eye cream.   More importantly, it was light, rolled smoothly and worked well with concealer undereye application.

I came across a few articles claiming that BB creams will be the it thing soon – one even from my alma mater the London School of Beauty and Makeup.  The one thought I had was, in order for this to succeed the BB formulation will have to be very different to cater for Western skin needs.


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    I had been considering the new eye roll product, but the last time I tried an eye cream by Garnier, my eyes became very sensitive. I think that I might give this one a try though, especially since it also works as a concealer.


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